Your chance to voice the priorities of food and drink manufacturers

07 March 2022

Your chance to voice the priorities of food and drink manufacturers are included within the insight program to identify Regional Development Priorities in Wales.

FDF Cymru, are reaching out to members to maximise our input to this activity to identify how Welsh funding should be prioritised in the future.

Help build the furture of wales

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) invites you to complete a questionnaire about the future of regional development in Wales, and share it with your network, including family, friends, and associates. This initiative forms part of a collaboration between the OECD and the Welsh Government.

By sharing your thoughts about economic, social, environmental and community development challenges and priorities, you can help build the future of Wales and Welsh local communities!

Your responses will provide critical inputs for a vision-setting workshop on regional development with the Welsh Government and other stakeholders including local authorities, private sector, and the third sector etc, facilitated by the OECD. Your perspective will help the Welsh Government and Welsh Local Authorities improve services, enhance social and economic well-being, and increase the quality of life throughout Wales.

Please reserve about 10 minutes to complete the full questionnaire.

Access the questionnaire

Response by 9 March 2022.