The food and drink manufacturing industry manifesto

The UK has a brilliant food and drink manufacturing sector. We’re the UK’s largest manufacturing industry, with companies and sites across every region of the country. Every day, food and drink manufacturers work tirelessly to make a fantastic range of food and drink. From factory kitchens to family businesses, our brands stand for quality and boast centuries of expertise, providing nutritious, delicious and safe products for everyone at all budgets.

But it isn’t just about the products, our more than 12,500 businesses underpin the UK’s economic strength, employing half a million people and contributing £38 billion in Gross Value Added. In short - we are the industry that Powers Our Nation.

As we look to the next decade of our story, we intend to continue our ambitious work building a resilient, sustainable and growing food and drink manufacturing sector that supports the wider supply chain. To do that, we need to partner with the next government to tackle the challenges of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow. Our manifesto sets out how we can achieve this.

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Our bold vision

Food and drink manufacturing has set out a bold vision to partner with government to continue transforming our food system, so that we are:


1. Green and adaptive

Working in collaboration with government and others throughout the wider food system to reduce emissions, protect the natural environment, and to adapt to a changing climate.

2. Productive and growing

As the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, we are determined to fulfil our central role in delivering growth, prosperity and food security across all the nations and regions of the country.

3. Nourishing and innovative

Our industry recognises the role we play in supporting healthier and more balanced diets. We want to work with government to partner on ways to tackle obesity and health inequalities in communities across the UK.

Creating a farm to fork supply chain that powers our nation

Download our manifesto in full:

Our manifesto

Powering our nation across every community

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