Nulogy is a leading provider of supplier collaboration solutions to enable external supply chain agility. 

Nulogy helps the world’s leading FMCG brands to collaborate more effectively with their external manufacturing and copacking suppliers. In addition, Nulogy provides the world’s leading software solution to optimise contract packing solutions.

Our cloud-based multi-enterprise platform synchronises manufacturers and their external supply chain partners to respond seamlessly to a volatile retail and consumer environment, all while reducing waste, minimising costs, and accelerating growth.

No other software is purpose-built to both optimise shop floor operations, while helping solve the visibility and collaboration challenges that come with managing an external manufacturing network.

“We expect to dramatically improve collaboration and reduce waste with our external manufacturing and packaging suppliers. As the retail and consumer landscape continues to be disrupted, agility is more important than ever for manufacturers like Mars. We are excited to work with our strategic late-stage customization suppliers and alongside Nulogy “

Jon Willis

Head of Supply Chain, Mars Canada

Leading brands are accelerating supply chain performance with Nulogy’s supplier collaboration solution. For brands with an extensive network of contract manufacturing and contract packing suppliers, Nulogy enables more responsive agile supply chain performance.

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