FDF Membership - reasons to join

Making the best use of your time and resource is key. Being an FDF member will equip you with the expertise to grow, protect and strengthen your business.

We represent and protect the interests of food and drink companies of all sizes, across all sectors of the industry. Our members range from global brands to SME’s and growing artisan sole traders. Whatever your size of business, FDF membership can help you.

Membership covers the whole organisation; your technical and regulatory teams through to your commercial teams will be able to tap into the FDF’s expertise and guidance.

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Why should I join?

With a range of strategic, operational and practical benefits, we support our members in all aspects of their business.

Powerful advocacy, regulatory support and scientific expertise are just some most valued member benefits.

What does being an FDF member give me?

Once you join, you and your team will have access to all our member benefits including:

  • Access to FDF experts on issues covering;
    • food safety
    • plastics & packaging
    • trade policy and advice covering export and imports
    • sustainability and NetZero
    • nutrition and health including new rules on HFSS promotions and advertising
  • Specialist committees and sector groups where you can get involved and keep up to speed on the topics, legislation and policy most relevant to your role and sector
  • Opportunities to develop your business with insights and trends, partner offers and member discounts on events and training
  • Chances to connect and network with industry peers, hear from expert speakers and share best practice
  • Information and toolkits from labelling and allergens through to alerts and recalls

As a member of the sectors largest and most influential trade association, you will ensure that your voice is heard at the highest level and that you have the opportunity to influence the issues that impact your business. We are the first port of call for Government on any issue relating to food and drink and are active across the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments on a wide range of policy areas.

We are constantly speaking on our members behalf, ensuring that we deliver early warnings on issues affecting business critical issues of the day.

Regardless of your organisation’s size or sector, membership will provide

  • relevant timely guidance and support
  • a competitive edge
  • value for money.

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Other FDF memberships

The FDF is a trade association working for and representing the food and drink producing and importing community. We are funded by membership subscription and represent the UK business of over 800 companies.

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Academic affiliate membership

Our academic affiliate membership is open to universities, colleges and higher education establishments, who wish to develop and expand their connections with the food and drink industry.

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Association membership

We represent and protect the interests of food and drink companies of all sizes, across all sectors of the industry, and are proud to include in our membership a number of food and drink trade associations.

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Professional affiliate membership

Our professional affiliates offer professional services to the food and drink sector. Through these partnerships we hope that our members will benefit from their knowledge and insight.

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Our members

Our membership is made up of a wide range of companies and trade associations, from large international food and drink manufacturers with long-established brands to small companies manufacturing organic products.

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Exclusive offers from our professional affiliates

Through our network of affiliates, FDF members can benefit from the support of legal, professional services and environmental partners. You can confidently work with our affiliates who understand your business needs and sector.

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Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

There's no better way to get your brand in front of prospective food and drink clients than by sponsorship of a FDF event. We also offer a range of exhibitor packages to suit all budgets.

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) provides an invaluable service to businesses operating in the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. The FDF offers unique expertise and analysis of the latest trends and policy developments, providing advice to global brands and thriving smaller enterprises helping to propel their business to the next level. Food and drink manufacturers are forward-thinking, creative and resilient and it’s a pleasure to be involved in their journey to success.

Jon Woods, Coca Cola

FDF Member