One of the principles agreed by the UK and Devolved Governments is that ‘common frameworks’ are necessary to enable the functioning of the UK internal market post-Brexit, while acknowledging policy divergence. The term common frameworks refers to those areas where the UK and Devolved Governments consider that it would be beneficial to establish common policy and regulatory approaches in some areas that are currently governed by the European Union.

The UK does not have an internal market defined in law as it has been part of the European Union Internal Market. The UK internal market and how it operates will impact on a wide range of Scottish organisations, including Scottish businesses, environmental and consumer organisations.

The purpose of this inquiry is to understand how the UK internal market might operate after Brexit. The questions below are intended to help inform your response to the Committee.

  1. What is the UK internal market?
  2. How will international treaties, including trade deals, impact on the UK internal market?
  3. What are the priorities and challenges for Scottish businesses and organisations in operating within a UK & internal market?
  4. What institutional structures will be required to administer and enforce the UK internal market?
  5. What mechanisms should be available to challenge ‘unfair’ internal market practices?
  6. What will be the impact of the UK internal market on devolved powers?
  7. What should be the role of the Scottish Parliament in relation to scrutinising the UK internal market?

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