The FDF responds to consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility

26 March 2022

Defra has released its consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility and have committed to continue to work with industry groups to explore payment options for business waste, and will establish a task force to develop the evidence and undertake analysis of options.


The Food and Drink Federation’s chief executive Karen Betts comments on the consultation outcome on Extended Producer Responsibility:

“Food and drink manufacturers fully support changes in UK public policy to help us all move towards a circular economy, and we’re committed to continuing to work in partnership with governments and consumers to achieve this.  We’re pleased the UK Government has today proposed a constructive and pragmatic approach to Extended Producer Responsibility, which will impose changes on how manufacturers approach packaging our products.

“We welcome the UK Government’s flexibility as the measures have been drawn up, including further discussion on business waste, which would impose disproportionate costs on businesses, as well as the obligation on industry to pay for illegal littering, a decision which we hope the devolved administrations will also adopt. 

“Food and drink manufacturers will continue to engage with UK and devolved governments on the remaining elements of EPR, including the establishment of the Scheme Administrator and implementing the related chemical recycling process.”