Industry labour shortages review published

30 June 2023

The independent review into labour shortages in the food supply chain has been published.



The review was compiled and analysed by John Shropshire OBE and his expert panel team over the past 10 months.

The report calls for the implementation of 10 key recommendations under the following headings:

  1. Implement a Comprehensive Strategy to Enhance Sector Attractiveness
  2. Access to Migrant Labour
  3. Invest in Domestic Workers
  4. Reform the Apprenticeship Levy
  5. Build on Skills Supply Collaboration
  6. Support Food Career Curriculum Delivery
  7. Produce a Workforce Data Strategy
  8. Incentivise Automation
  9. Advance Automation Knowledge
  10. Moonshot Approach to Innovation

FDF chief executive Karen Betts said:

“We welcome this considered report which rightly focuses on the unprecedented challenges the food and drink industry faces in recruiting talent, upskilling our workforce and investing in technology, while maintaining a sustainable and resilient supply chain that ensures a wide range of nutritious food and drink is available across the UK at affordable prices.

“We are looking forward to working rapidly and constructively with Government to progress the report’s ten recommendations, to bolster the pipeline of skills into our vital industry, bear down on inflation and grow the economy – consistent with the Prime Minister’s goals.”