FDF responds to government simpler recycling announcement

21 October 2023

The FDF responds to the government announcement that recycling in England is to be standardised from 2026, with all homes, businesses and schools recycling the same materials in its new 'simpler recycling' policy.


Responding to the announcement, Director of Corporate Affairs and Packaging Jim Bligh said:

“We’re pleased to see the government publishing their much-delayed plans for Simpler Recycling today, and making a first step towards creating the conditions necessary to establish a circular economy in the UK.  Making it easier for households to recycle the same materials wherever they live in England is critical to driving up England’s recycling and reuse rates. 


“Food and drink producers will soon be paying an annual bill of £2 billion to fund the circular economy, known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).  Getting Simpler Recycling up and running quickly, efficiently and effectively is therefore important to us and government will need to act decisively to ensure sufficient investment now goes into Britain’s fragmented and dated recycling infrastructure. To do this, and as happens in world-leading circular economies such as Canada, industry must be given ownership of packaging materials throughout their lifespan and operational control of the recycling system.  If this can be done, there will be huge benefits for consumers – in driving down the costs of recycling and driving up the use of recycled packaging for everyday products.”

More information on 'simpler recycling' can be found here