Digital Transformation 2022

30 November 2022

Foods Connected and Hilton Food Group

Foods Connected entered the food software market to develop solutions that provide optimised transparency and control over the entire supply chain. By harnessing research, development, and innovation, the platform has transformed the way the industry operates and conducts tasks, making food production safe, sustainable, & ethical.


Hilton Food Group is a leading international food manufacturer with award winning product ranges in red meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian/vegan meals. Their business model is to source its primal meat and raw material ingredients from a local and global base of quality suppliers, which they process and pack in large scale, modern, central food packing plants for onward distribution.

Managing operations at a large scale, Hilton had difficulty tracking the number of variables across: Supplier Management, Specification Management, Product Checks, Auditing and Risk Assessments. Foods Connected not only serves Hilton as a one-stop-shop for their requirements but has become pivotal in the management of their wider operations.

The results yielded by Hilton from our Supplier Auditing tool alone have been significant, with an approximate 40% saving in time needed to carry out the audit end-to-end. Adopting the tool has allowed Hilton to expand their business operations, transitioning to an increased auditing capacity of 300 audits per year. It is estimated that using our platform has delivered an end-to-end saving of 30-40% per annum, with return on investment at 550%.