Manufacturing Initiative 2022

30 November 2022

Koolmill - NextGEN Rice Milling

Rice is a $550 billion global industry feeding 3.5 billion people daily: by 2050 this will be 6 billion, requiring 70% more rice. Yet each year enough rice to feed 600 million people is lost from farm to fork. Contributing to 16 SDG’s and working towards Net Zero Carbon, Koolmill has pioneered a paradigm shift in milling technology, addressing the resulting $127 billion annual triple bottom line loss.


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All current machinery compensates for inefficiency with power, mechanically generating a pulsing pressure, creating heat, food loss, damaged rice, and wasting power. Uniquely, Koolmill harnesses fluid dynamics to deliver a gentler, simpler, ultra-low power, cold process, delivering more food, and at higher quality, with less environmental impact.

By delivering more food with 90% less power, Koolmill is driving rural industrialisation and the productive use of mini-grid power. Made affordable by a novel, Machinery as a Service business model, all processors, regardless of size, gender, or location, can compete equally on price and quality in a shortened and re-balanced rice value chain.

Our ambition is to be recognised as a global thought leader in cereal processing, rapidly growing a substantial global business, redefining the rice industry for the digital era. With over 40 partners in 7 countries, we engage strategically with academic, technology, manufacturing, and commercial partners, funders and end users who share our passion, vision, and values.