Community Partner 2020

03 February 2021

The Bread and Butter Thing

The Bread and Butter Thing is a charity having a transformative effect on deprived communities across Greater Manchester. They make a real difference to the lives of thousands of families by delivering weekly produce bags, sourced from surplus food and non-food items.


This is done at minimal cost to members via community hubs across the area, helping to make their lives more affordable while encouraging them to eat better. Delivering more than just food, their impressive impact is also helping to build stronger communities and reduce food waste, through an innovative and self-sustaining model.

The Bread and Butter Thing’s 7,000+ members range from young and single parent families, to refugees and the elderly. Collectively they are saving about £1.49M per year, and the majority of members save £25 or more each time food is delivered. Feedback shows 78% say they can now afford to feed their family, with 81% now having money left at the end of the week to spend on other necessities such as utility bills and reducing debt. In addition, due to the produce they supply, 83% of customers have tried new foods, 71% cook more healthily at home, and 77% are eating more fruit and vegetables.

The charity always works with community partners, who report increased numbers playing footfall as more people feel comfortable to attend their hubs in the local area. 94% of their members say that TBBT is good for the community, and 74% of members say that they themselves now feel more engaged with the local community.

(Figures from TBBT annual survey Nov 2019)