HR Initiative 2019

19 September 2019

KP Snacks - Making mental health a priority at KP Snacks

Over the past couple of years, KP Snacks has implemented a company-wide mental health strategy, in line with the 'Value our People' element of our Values & Behaviours.


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Our aim is to create a cultural change in the workplace that places an emphasis on supporting good mental health for all KP colleagues. Mental wellbeing is now a priority which we place on an equal footing with physical wellbeing, health, and safety. Good mental health is embedded in KP's health and wellbeing strategy, alongside our more traditional activities and campaigns such as the promotion of healthy eating and exercise, and support to stop smoking.

Our mental health programme embraces the importance of good mental health in the workplace. It includes a programme to train and develop KP colleagues to become 'Mental Health First Aiders' (MHFA's) and then, building
on this foundation, to boost wider awareness of the programme and related issues to ensure better access to mental health support throughout KP Snacks.

This programme has led to increased participation in health improvement events with the changes reflecting our business Values and Behaviours.

Results so far show a growing number of occasions where our MHFA's have been able to identify colleagues at risk early, resulting in a reduced impact of mental health problems on those colleagues. Since training our first mental health first aiders, we've seen a 20% reduction in sickness absence due to mental health issues, with a significant reduction in disruption and cost to the business.