HR Initiative 2020

03 February 2021

PepsiCo - ‘Grow our Own’ Training and Education Programme

Grow our Own has focused on creating development initiatives that are designed to unlock the potential of frontline supply chain talent, have a positive impact on everyday life, gain formal accredited qualifications, and ensure employees feel treasured and valued as vital members of the team.


The programmes provide many entry points for emerging talent and a recent recruitment campaign for one site attracted over 1,500 applications. Thanks to initiatives like this, PepsiCo have established themselves within the local community as a great place to work, and Grow our Own has helped them gain momentum in becoming an employer of choice. The programme has invested significantly in Talent Attraction and Selection to ensure that a diverse slate of talent is attracted, and provides an accurate expectation of what life as an Apprentice and beyond at PepsiCo is like.