Rising Star 2018

20 September 2018

Katherine Cook, Innovation Manager, Premier Foods

Katherine Cook joined Premier Foods on the organisation's Commercial Graduate Scheme and quickly proved herself in a number of roles, including sales, marketing, and innovation.


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Upon completing the scheme, she was snapped up by the Quick Meals, Soups, and Snacks category team and fast-tracked for promotion to Innovation Manager within eight months.

Katherine is highly driven and 'good' is never enough for her. From her very first placement, she has demonstrated an ability to identify business challenges and offer actionable solutions. Her dedication to problem-solving has led her to develop a number of principles, tools, and resources that have been widely adopted by the business.

Katherine's strategic, consumer-centric, and collaborative approach has led to the agile
development of three long-term innovation pipelines. Her biggest success to date has undoubtedly come from her leadership of the end-to-end delivery of “Batchelors Cup A Soup to Go” in six months - a project that has helped to reinvigorated the category and drive branded growth.

Katherine is selfless and her genuine passion for the FMCG industry has seen her take on a range of ambassadorial roles to inspire future talent. She is mentoring the next cohorts of graduates and is dedicated to educating young people about our industry through the 'Feeding Britain's Future' programme. Her determination to champion charitable giving led Katherine to raise £2,700 for our charity partner by running the London Marathon.

She is an exceptional talent who possesses the skills, dedication, attitude and passion to excel in the FMCG industry.