Ambition 2025: Powerstar

17 February 2022

Quorn Foods is benefitting from a reduction in carbon emissions by 365 tonnes, and an annual saving in electricity costs of £71,843.


The organisation’s Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy prioritises improvements relating to Greenhouse Gas emissions, water use, waste and responsible sourcing.

Powerstar offered a solution to lower electricity consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and minimise energy costs through installation of a low-loss transformer with integrated voltage regulation technology.

Consumption on the site was reduced by 10.2% annually. As well as offering far better efficiency than their aging transformer fleet, significantly cutting down carbon emissions and costs.

“At Powerstar, our investment in R&D is very much focused on solutions for a net zero future and so we had a clear grasp of Quorn’s requirements. Power resilience is set to be a growing concern as we move to a net zero future with less predictable energy supply and, both environmentally and to feed a growing global population, food security is critical. Reliability and sustainability are vital for food production and concerns we are hearing from many of our food and beverage customers. This project with Quorn clearly demonstrates that efficiency can be combined with emission reduction, leading to greater profitability and a more resilient business."

For more information, visit the Powerstar website.