Fair Work opens doors for us

30 June 2020

“I’m a big fan of workforce development. I struggle to see a downside to it.

In our experience, it’s never been easier to get hold of information and support on Fair Work and best practice.”

Ewan Reid, Managing Director, Matthew Algie


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Who we are

Matthew Algie was born and bred in Glasgow. Our business was founded on the Clyde back in 1864, and we’re still here today. We are proud to roast exceptional coffee for thousands of cafés and hospitality businesses across the UK & Ireland.

Our Fair Work journey

Businesses in Scotland are hearing a lot about ‘Fair Work’ these days, but for many of us, the concept is not new. At Matthew Algie, we’ve been working on some of these best practice employment approaches for years.

Recently, we’ve started embedded the ‘Fair Work principles’ more formally into our

business, and see both commercial imperatives and commercial opportunities:

  • The Fair Work principles are increasingly a requirement to access public sector funding and contracts in Scotland, and we expect this to extend into university and college procurement.
  • Similar employment practices are already required, or will be, by customers outside Scotland as well, including many supermarkets and large retailers.
  • Fair Work principles such as training, developing and listening to staff can feed directly into staff job satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.

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