Food and drink: A great national success story

20 November 2019

The UK food and drink industry is the envy of the world. Our brands and products are loved by shoppers and consumers and we are here to serve them. As the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, worth over £31 billion to the economy, we employ over 450,000 people with a footprint in every constituency.Food and drink has a powerful heritage in our towns and cities, an impact far beyond London and the South East.


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We are proud of the economic contribution we make to local communities across the UK and to our country’s social and cultural fabric. The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) represents an industry which embraces over 7000 businesses of all types and sizes who invest in the UK’s export and R&D potential. Food and drink manufacturing attracts vital international investment, bringing good jobs and manufacturing capacity to UK shores.

Day in, day out, the UK’s £121 billion food supply chain works together. We grow, produce, package, distribute and sell a fantastic range of safe and high-quality food and drink, enjoyed at home and around the globe. The scale and success of our industry has brought a wider range of food and drink at every price point, than ever before, to every corner of the UK.

But the global food system faces unprecedented pressures. Policy stability is
critical. We must remain competitive – and improve productivity – to ensure that the UK’s food system is resilient. Food and drink must continue to be affordable to consumers and shoppers, and that as an industry, we can afford to invest in better jobs and improved sustainability.

We ask policymakers and candidates to: Support UK food and drink manufacturing, a national success story