How to upgrade your electrical infrastructure with no investment

08 March 2023

In this short webinar, energy experts Andy Vickers and Bilgin Oralerkaya from Vattenfall Networks outline two essential services which UK food and drink manufacturers and processors should be aware of:

  • Firstly, how Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) provide an alternative route to secure new or upgraded electrical grid connections which provide ‘cash-back’ via Asset Adoption Value payments.
  • And secondly, how Power-as-a-Service can cover the investment costs for new on-site electrical infrastructure.

As the race to electrify accelerates, companies which plan ahead, and partner with an energy specialist, will reap significant advantages over their competition.

Power-as-a-Service provides an attractive alternative for company owners who lack the funds, knowledge or expertise, or do not want the burden of upgrading their own HV electrical infrastructure. Companies such as Vattenfall can shoulder the electrical H&S, environmental and legislative risks by owning the infrastructure equipment, and managing all compliance and regulatory issues.

Solar PV and battery storage can also be included in Power-as-a-Service contracts, which can significantly improve food and drink companies' energy efficiency and resilience.

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Andy Vickers has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry and is a substation specialist. Andy has worked in many countries within numerous sectors including oil & gas, chemicals, power generation, steel and water.

He has a unique combination of management, technical and commercial skills in the design, construction and maintenance of intelligent substations and electrical infrastructure that enables him to analyse complex applications and propose smart solutions.

Andy is responsible for business development for Private Networks at Vattenfall, and has a proven track record in management, business development, technical sales, design and operations.


Bilgin Oralerkaya works within the IDNO team at Vattenfall supporting developers and business owners that require new and upgraded grid connections.

As a Sales and Engineering professional, with a career focused on the transformation of the energy and transport sectors, Bilgin helps companies develop climate-smart electrical networks and smart energy solutions as part of Vattenfall's wider goal of enabling fossil free living within one generation.

Hosted by Emma Piercy - Head of Climate Change & Energy Policy at FDF



This webinar has been designed to provide CEOs, CFOs, Energy Managers, and Sustainability Managers, Electricity and Asset Managers with essential insights into these two new models for the procurement, ownership and management of essential electrical infrastructure.

The webinar will cover

  • Securing new and upgraded grid connections
  • Asset Adoption Value payments
  • Capacity reservation
  • Grid reinforcement
  • Increased resilience and uptime through outsourcing
  • Energy savings via infrastructure upgrades
  • Investment via CAPEX vs OPEX
  • De-risking electrical assets
  • Decarbonisation = electrification = increased loads
  • Self-generation, Battery Storage, Microgrids
How to upgrade your electrical infrastructure with no investment