The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has published a range of publications to highlighting the achievements and accomplishments of the FDF and our members.

Our publications are divided into the following categories:

Latest Publications

Falling flat: lessons from the 2018 UK CO2 shortage

Published April 2019

CO2 has many users and ubiquitous uses. This summer, a series of events put the UK's CO2 supply chain under severe pressure. Supplies dried up at a time when demand was high. As the events unfolded it became clear there was little understanding of the CO2 chain and only limited contingency planning should the chain break. This report sets out how the UK CO2 chain works, provides an analysis of its structural vulnerabilities and looks at how it might be strengthened.

Feeding Change

Published May 2018

This report summarises our continuing commitment to diet and health policy issues. It sets out examples of the great work that is going on in that field in countries across the UK. It is a record of real achievement and one of which we are all enormously proud.

Rules of origin in an EU-UK FTA

A 'hidden hard Brexit' for food and drink exporters?

Published March 2018

Report commissioned by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers (NABIM) from Global Counsel has revealed that the UK's food and drink manufacturing sector could face a hidden 'hard Brexit' once the UK leaves the EU as a result of rules of origin.

Guidance on comparative nutrition claims

Published January 2018

The document provides detailed best practice guidance on the requirements and appropriate wording for comparative nutrition claims to be used in the labelling and advertising of food and drink products.

FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2017

Published January 2018

The Food and Drink Federation's (FDF) Ambition 2025, launched in October 2016. The adoption of Ambition 2025 by members expressed a strong desire to go even further and take strides towards shaping future value chains and increasing awareness of natural capital. This report outlines the progress made by members to deliver our Ambition 2025.

Guidance on Setting Product Shelf-Life

Published November 2017

This resource is designed to help FBOs engaged in the production or sale of any category of food and ingredients to assign the most appropriate expiry date for their product.

Breaking the chain

Key workforce considerations for the UK food and drink supply chain as we leave the EU

Published August 2017

Survey to establish the supply chain's Brexit priorities from a labour and workforce perspective and to address some of the gaps in official data.

Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Published July 2017

FDF commissioned industry-wide report by Grant Thornton has highlighted key growth opportunities for the food and drink industry, the UK's largest manufacturing sector.

FDF Manifesto 2017

Published May 2017

Our Manifesto is aimed at policymakers and candidates of all parties across the UK. It sets out the five key policies we want the next Government to implement after 8 June 2017 to ensure the UK's food and farming sector continues to lead the world.

Food and Drink Exporting: Five steps to success

Published April 2017

Five steps to food and drink export success