Tips for a successful awards entry

  • Please read the FAQs and Awards terms and conditions
  • Please complete the form fully. The judges only have the contents of the submission on which to base their decision. Even if your project has already won awards they make their decisions on the submission alone
  • Provide evidence to support your claims – measurable outcomes give judges useful information by which they assess your entry. If it is too soon to evaluate, show how you have arrived at your projection
  • Make your supporting evidence count. Supporting evidence can add to an entry but too much of the same thing e.g. lots of photos of the same event can detract. Avoid very large files (eg catalogues or press cuttings that are over 5 pages)
  • Make sure you list the titles of your supporting documents at the end of the form, and that the files you upload match these titles.
  • Stick to word counts where indicated, do not exceed the maximum number of words.
  • Don't be put off by other entrants. Small businesses can be deterred from competing against the big companies, however when small firms enter, they have a really great track record of success
  • Your submission should tell a clear story. You don't need to employ a professional bid writer or marketer to do the job but make sure the author has a good knowledge of the project or individual
  • When completing online, make sure you click the submit button when you have finished the form. You should receive a confirmation email with a list of uploaded files, double check that you have submitted everything.
  • Don't forget to check back on the FDF website regularly for awards update.

FDF Awards FAQ

What are the FDF Awards?

The awards are fast becoming the industry benchmark of excellence for innovation, competitiveness and talent. Each year, companies from across the food and drink supply chain enter the FDF Awards and about 500 guests celebrate together at the FDF Awards ceremony.

Whether your company has lead a significant project that you are proud of, or a colleague of yours has done a tremendous job in their role, find an award category that suits you by visiting

What do I get if I win an FDF Award?

You get the national recognition you deserve, and to be a part of the prestigious award-winning companies the industry looks up to!

  • A stunning FDF trophy, engraved with your name and the award category
  • A case study of your entry that is published on our website the day after the ceremony
  • Photographs of the evening! We have a professional photographer who takes pictures throughout the ceremony and captures each winner on stage with our host.
  • An official FDF Awards 'winner' logo, that you can use on your website, marketing material, corporate email signature etc. If you are shortlisted we also send you a 'finalist' logo
  • Dedicated press release that we send out to relevant press contacts on both the shortlist and the winners

Who can enter?

Companies or individuals employed by companies including:

  • Food and drink manufacturers (incl. alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baby food but excluding pet food)
  • Retailers, producers, growers, hospitality
  • Sectors working with the food and drink supply chain including researchers, distributors, health, local authorities, education providers

How to enter?

  • Visit our website and find a category to enter
  • Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions and Tips for a successful entry
  • Download the entry form and submit your application for free through our online platform before the deadline.
  • You can upload up to 5 supporting documents in addition to your entry form, make sure to list the titles of the files at the end of the entry form
  • After uploading your entry, you should receive an email with a summary of your submission and the next steps for the FDF Awards
  • You can enter several categories, and nominate multiple projects/colleagues within the same category too as long as they are distinct
  • Wait for the shortlist to be announced
  • If you are shortlisted, book your place to the FDF Awards ceremony where we will announce winners. Make sure you share your success with your network!

Email if you have any questions.

Can you enter via email?

No, only entries through our online platform will be counted and reviewed by the judges. Please note that you cannot enter by email, or by sending us hard copies through the post. However, if you do wish to support your online entry with a hard copy version of it too, you are welcome to send it to us via post.

When will I hear back?

We usually announce the shortlist over the Summer. We will send you an email first before we make the shortlist public. We will send out a press release, post on social media, and feature it in the FDF Events newsletter and other FDF communications.

If you are shortlisted, you will receive an official FDF Awards 'finalist' logo that you can then use on any collateral (for your website, marketing material, corporate e-mail signature, etc). The next step is to book your tickets to the Awards ceremony to find out if you are winner! We do not offer free tickets for the event, but if you are a start-up we may be able to offer discounted tickets.

If you are not shortlisted, don't worry! We have often seen companies entering our Awards year on year and being shortlisted/winning only after a few attempts. Since your entry will have been reviewed by our judging panel of experts, you will be able to access their feedback upon request in order to help you improve your entry and make your case for the following year's Awards.

When is the FDF Awards ceremony?

Our FDF Awards Ceremony will take place on 19 September 2024 at the Roundhouse, London. This is when we will be announcing the winners of the Awards. The next day, we will publish the list on our website.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entering the FDF Awards is completely free and done exclusively online.

How much does it cost to attend the FDF Awards ceremony?

Prices for the FDF Awards ceremony will be listed online when ticket sales open.

Please note there are no special discounts for shortlisted companies.

What are your social media details?

Our Twitter handle is @Foodanddrinkfed, and the awards hashtag is #FDFAwards .

LinkedIn - food-and-drink-federation

Instagram - @fdfevents

We are active on social media across the year, and particularly during the FDF Awards ceremony. The FDF Awards social media plans will be finalised closer to the date of the ceremony.

Is there a press release?

We distribute two main press releases around the awards; a release announcing shortlisted companies and individuals; and a post-awards release announcing the winners.

There may be additional press releases distributed in relation to specific award categories. You may be contacted by one of our Media and Campaigns team regarding a quote for these releases.

Should you wish to get in touch with our Media and Campaigns team please email: