Campaign of the Year 2019

19 September 2019

FareShare – Feed People First

Every year, 270,000 tonnes of food from the UK supply chain becomes surplus. Only 6% of the food is diverted from waste to charities, helping to feed the 8.4 million people in the UK who are struggling to afford to eat.


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FareShare believes the first step to achieving a level playing field is to redistribute surplus food to charities. To make this attractive to businesses, who often turn this surplus into energy or animal feed, you must tackle the costs. It costs an estimated £150 per tonne to separate, store and transport edible surplus food to charity.

As part of its wider lobbying work between April and May 2018, FareShare ran a campaign called Feed People First. The aim of the campaign was to secure 10,000 signatures to a petition calling on the Government to introduce a financial incentive to food businesses to make the cost of charitable food redistribution equal to that of sending food, which is still good to eat, to waste.

The campaign was also designed to raise awareness of FareShare's ambition to Feed People First amongst the general public and turn them into FareShare advocates.