Diet and Health 2020

03 February 2021

Aunt Bessie’s (Nomad Foods) – Desserts Sugar Reduction

Creating healthier products to help empower more positive choices by consumers is at the heart of the Aunt Bessie’s business. This inspired the team to deliver an ambitious project to reduce sugar in seven of their biggest selling desserts, while retaining the taste, quality and overall product experience their consumers demand.


The core team explored improving technologies and new raw materials to overcome challenges stemming from the functional and taste roles of sugar in desserts. In doing so, they managed to change mindsets of production teams, work cross-functionally with various specialist teams and finally deliver seven sugar-reduced, nutritionally optimised recipes to delight consumers.

The project resulted in all seven of the products seeing a sugar reduction of between 16 and 22.2%, and saw an increase in fibre of between 2 and 52%. The biggest selling product, Jam Roly Poly, with annual volume sales of more than 1200 tonnes – underwent 16% sugar reduction and 52% fibre increase.

Aunt Bessie’s achieved their key aim of reducing sugar as much as possible while retaining the same great taste and quality. They have answered the needs of their consumers, while positively contributing to their nutritional intake, and moving the industry towards meeting the government’s sugar reduction targets. The project also positively benefitted the broader employee community, as it has now provided a best practice proof-point for the overall Nomad Foods purpose to serve their consumers with better food.