FDF members are committed to ensuring people have access to a wide range of food and drinks that can support a balanced lifestyle.

We know more needs to be done, which is why manufacturers continue to take bold steps. Reformulation, new product development and portion sizing are key actions. FDF members’ voluntary work is already delivering substantial changes to UK shopping baskets, reducing salt, sugars and calories. For more information view our Industry at a Glance stats.

We also believe achieving balance is about much more than what is cut from our diets; increasing fruit, vegetables and wholegrains is also important, as is physical activity.  In 2021,  FDF launched its 'Action on Fibre' initiative to help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and dietary recommendations.  

Tacking obesity is an important public health initiative, but work by manufacturers alone will never be enough. We call on Government to provide help to those communities and individuals who need it most.

Diet and health

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Celebrating food and nutrition week

Celebrating Food and Nutrition Week showcases our members' action and commitment to support the nation's health.

diet and health

Innovation for healthier diets

Reformulation, new product development and portion sizing are key actions for food and drink manufactures in the fight against obesity.

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Action on Fibre

Our members have pledged to take Action on Fibre and help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation.

diet and health

Food and drink advertising

There are strict UK advertising codes, but tighter restrictions are due in October 2025. We explain why a 9pm watershed is unlikely to affect obesity.

diet and health

Food and drink promotions

The FDF believes food and drink promotions bring varied and significant benefits to consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

food taxes

Food and drink taxes

Since the introduction of the soft drinks industry levy in 2018, there has been a debate about the need for further taxation of food and drink.


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Celebrating Food and Nutrition

Showcasing the work of UK food and drink manufacturers to support the nation's health by improving the nutritional status of their products and offering consumers a wide variety of options to support sustainable, balanced diets.

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Diet and health toolkit

This toolkit is a selection of key resources on food and health. It is updated frequently and is designed to help members to take a consistent, industry-wide approach to issues.



HFSS toolkit

This toolkit brings together key resources to help you navigate regulations relating to food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).

Latest diet and health news

FDF attends the UK’s 2023 Global Food Security Summit in London

FDF Chief Executive, Karen Betts, attends the 2023 Global Food Security Summit in London.

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Scottish firms awarded funding to make healthier recipes

Over a dozen well-known Scottish bakery businesses have been given funding to make their products healthier.

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