HFSS toolkit

22 March 2024

This toolkit brings together key resources to help you navigate regulations relating to food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).




HFSS Promotional Restrictions (England)

Restrictions on the retail placement of HFSS products came into force on 1 October 2022 in England. This will be followed by restrictions on HFSS price promotions in October 2025.

HFSS Regulations - What you need to know

The Food (Promotion and Placement) (England) Regulations 2021

The Food (Promotion and Placement) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2022

Government guidance

BRC category guidance

ACS assured advice on HFSS promotional restrictions



Draft HFSS Promotional Restrictions (Devolved Governments)

The Welsh Government has announced it will implement restrictions on the promotion and placement of HFSS products by 2025. The products in scope and the nutrient profiling model used will be consistent with England but we await further details on the mechanisms and locations in scope.

The Scottish Government is considering regulation on the promotion and placement of HFSS products. A consultation was held in 2022 on what this should look like, followed by a more detailed consultation early in 2024. 

Welsh Government consultation

Scottish Government consultation 2022

Scottish Government consultation 2024

How to submit HFSS data to retailers

Manufacturers are being asked by retailers for information relating to the HFSS status of their products. More information on how to share the data is included below.

NielsenIQ Brandbank

GS1 ProductDNA

Further HFSS Advertising Restrictions (UK)

New rules will come into force for advertising of HFSS products on TV and online in October 2025.

HFSS Regulations - What you need to know

Health and Care Act - Schedule 18 of the Act sets out the provisions for further HFSS adverting restrictions in the UK

Statutory Instrument confirming delay to the further advertising restrictions until 1 October 2025. 

Consultation on secondary legislation

Nutrient Profiling

The nutrient profile model is a scoring system that identifies food and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS). It is used to identify which products are subject to promotions and advertising restrictions. 

University of Leeds NPM Calculator

GS1 & FDF webinar on how to calculate your HFSS score

Government Nutrient Profiling Technical Guidance

Government guidance on calculating fruit, veg and nuts score

Current HFSS Advertising Restrictions (UK)

The nutrient profiling model is currently used to restrict advertising in children's media, including on TV online, in cinemas, in print media, and in outdoor settings. The rules came into force for TV in 2007, and for all other media in 2017.

The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code) applies to the content and scheduling of TV and radio ads.

The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising & Direct and Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) applies to ads across other media including newspapers, magazines, billboards, cinema, posters, leaflets, mailings, e-mails, texts and on UK based company websites (including social media and advergames).

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