Currently only 9% of adults meet the recommended amount of fibre. In 2015 the government increased the dietary recommendation from 24g to 30g per day and since then there has been very little change in the UK population intake.

Over the years government policy has focused on reducing the amount of calories, salt and sugar we consume, but there has been little focus on increasing foods and nutrients we need more of.

The FDF and its members are committed to proactively bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation with an industry led initiative. Our ‘Action on Fibre’ pledges introduce a range of commitments which our members have taken to help bridge this gap.

Action on Fibre signatories

Action on Fibre progress

Since the launch of the Action on Fibre initiative, our member have been working hard to bridge the gap. We are pleased to share the progress of the Action on Fibre initiative.

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Our members taking action on fibre

Tate & Lyle join the fight for Action on Fibre
Tate & Lyle's global head of nutrition Kavita Karnik talks to the FDF about the benefits of fibre.

How AB Mauri are taking Action on Fibre
Vicky McColl speaks about their research and newly developed product range.

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All about Fibre

Fibre is an important part of our diet, with many health benefits and we don’t eat enough.

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Action on Fibre signatories

Find out who’s signed up to the FDF’s Action on Fibre initiative.

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Case Study

Action on Fibre case studies

FDF members are taking action to increase fibre intakes – see some great examples here.

Latest updates

Celebrating Fibre February 2024

For this years' Fibre February we celebrated the amazing achievements our Action on Fibre signatories have made. We shared a number of case studies of member activity in fibre focused healther product innovation, communication to consumers and work throughout the supply chain.

We hosted a webinar, with excellent guest speakers discussing how we can work in partnership to help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendations. You can find a recording here.

We also recorded an excellent podcast with Dr Kavita Karnik, Global Head of Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Tate & Lyle to talk about Action on Fibre and the great work Tate & Lyle are involved in, from cutting edge research to education.

International Whole Grain day: Benefits of Oats and Barely

Today is International Whole Grain Day, in honour of this the British Oats and Barley Millers' Association has written a helpful article on the benefits of oats and barley and their use to increase the fibre content as part of a healthy daily diet.

The article gives some helpful background on dietary fibre, oats and barley, their health benefits and use in product innovation.

Benefits of Oats & Barley: The use of them to increase the fibre content as part of a health daily diet

BNF - Healthy Eating Week 2023

Every year the British Nutrition Foundation run Healthy Eating Week, to highlight what we can do to have healthier lifestyles. This year they had various themes throughout the week from ‘Focus on Fibre’, ‘Eat your 5-a-day’ and ‘Vary your protein sources’. The FDF shared some great case studies throughout the week and an article.

Action on Fibre first year progress

Bridging the fibre gap: A collaborative approach to healthier diets.


Next steps to bridging the fibre gap

Our Action on Fibre initiative has made amazing progress but we need support to increase public awareness and to educate and empower individuals to increase their fibre intake.

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Innovation fund drives healthier products

Eight collaborations between businesses and universities in Scotland have been awarded £75K to make healthier products.

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