Currently only 9% of adults meet the recommended amount of fibre. In 2015 the government increased the dietary recommendation from 24g to 30g per day and since then there has been very little change in the UK population intake. Over the years government policy has focused on reducing the amount of calories, salt and sugar we consume, but there has been little focus on increasing foods and nutrients we need more of. The FDF and its members are committed to proactively bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation with an industry led initiative. Our ‘Action on Fibre’ pledges introduce a range of commitments which our members have taken to help bridge this gap.

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Latest updates

Fibre February Webinar

Bridging the fibre gap with innovation and communication from concept to launch

For this year’s Fibre February, the FDF are hosting a webinar to talk about the importance of innovation and communication to help bridge the fibre gap.

Join this webinar to hear case studies from industry experts involved with the FDF’s Action on Fibre initiative, including AB Mauri. Our guest speakers will share exciting examples of innovation in the supply chain to increase fibre and explore how companies can build awareness among consumers.


FDF Diet and Health Award – Entries are now open!

Has your company made a significant contribution to improve the health of its customers?

Enter the FDF Awards - Diet and Health category before 28 February 2022, for your chance to win. It’s completely free to enter!

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FDF Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist of the Year Award – Entries are now open!

Do you know a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist who has made an exceptional contribution to the food and drink sector?

Nominate them for the FDF Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist of the Year award before the deadline of 28 February 2022. It’s completely free to enter!

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A UK Fibre Partnership? Making the case for a public – private partnership to increase fibre intake in the UK diet

In honour of International Whole Grain Day on Tuesday 16th November, Amy Glass, FDF's UK Diet and Health Policy Manager participated in a panel discussion on ‘A UK Fibre Partnership? Making the case for a public – private partnership to increase fibre intake in the UK diet’. Amy presented on the Action on Fibre initiative highlighting some of the great pledges members have signed up to, along with the action industry can take towards improving diets such as educating, reformulation and nudging consumers toward healthier options. Also participating in the panel were members of the H3 Partnership - Healthy Soils, Healthy Food, Healthy People and Gitte Laub Hansen with the Danish Whole Grain Partnership. The panel discussed the benefits of dietary fibre, how to increase consumption and the success of the Danish Whole Grain Partnership.

Action on Fibre - Sugar Awareness Week

From Monday 8th November, Action on Sugar launched their annual Sugar Awareness week, focusing on sugary snack foods and misleading claims on packaging. 

FDF and our members are committed to help improve the health of the nation, as such we launched Action on Fibre in September. Did you know that fibre can play an important role in helping to reduce the amount of sugar in products? Read this short article on the role of dietary fibre in sugar reduction, featuring some great case studies from FDF members.


The role of dietary fibre in sugar reduction


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Fibre is an important part of our diet, with many health benefits and we don’t eat enough.

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Action on Fibre signatories

Find out who’s signed up to the FDF’s Action on Fibre initiative.

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Case Study

Action on Fibre case studies

FDF members are taking action to increase fibre intakes – see some great examples here.


Scottish food businesses receive funding to make their recipes healthier

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland has provided funding to 12 food businesses from across Scotland to help them make their products healthier.

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Food and drink industry launch new Action on Fibre initiative to boost consumer intake of fibre

As part of its new, annual, Celebrating Food and Nutrition Week, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), has launched a new initiative – Action on Fibre - to help people boost their fibre intake.

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National Food Strategy Part II Report - Update

FDF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Kate Halliwell responds to the publication of the second part of the National Food Strategy report.

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