In 2021, FDF launched the Action on Fibre initiative to help bridge the gap between intakes and the dietary recommendation. We are pleased to launch 2023* progress results alongside some great case studies. Since the launch of the initiative, the Action on Fibre signatories have been working hard and these results show the great progress they have made, helping to bridge the gap. A big thank you to the companies involved in this initiative and congratulations on the great results achieved!


*FDF Action on Fibre members self-reported data 2022 to 2023. 

**Kantar’s Worldpanel GB Take Home Purchase data for FDF Action on Fibre members and total food and drink market, Sales Weighted Average fibre in g per 100g for 2023



Reformulation and innovation

Companies have been working hard to increase the fibre content of existing products and new innovations, in a diverse range of categories. Find out more here.

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Signatory progress so far

Companies have been undertaking lots of activity to bridge the gap, from communicating to consumers to working with stakeholders. Find out what they how they are working to bridge the gap.

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Taking a look back

Since the launch of the Action on Fibre initiative in 2021, members have done some great activity. From launching new and reformulation existing higher fibre products, communicating with consumers and with the supply chain.

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Action on Fibre

Our members have pledged to take Action on Fibre and help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation.

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Innovation for healthier diets

Reformulation, new product development and portion sizing are key actions for food and drink manufactures in the fight against obesity.

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Diet and health

FDF members are committed to ensuring people have access to a wide range of food and drinks that can support a balanced lifestyle.