FDF Scotland response to Scottish Government restricting food and drink promotions regulations

27 February 2024

Food and Drink Federation Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government consultation on restricting promotions of food and drink regulations.


David Thomson, Food and Drink Federation Scotland’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

"Today’s consultation from the Scottish Government creates a different set of trading regulations for businesses selling into the Scottish stores compared to that in other parts of the UK.

"These proposals will disproportionately impact small Scottish food and drink producers and will make selling food in Scotland more complex and costly for everyone.

"FDF will work hard to shape these regulations through the consultation to ensure they take into account the impact on our businesses. At the same time our Reformulation for Health programme will be there to continue to support Scotland’s food and drink businesses to make their products healthier.”

For more information please contact Kirsty Tinsdale on Kirsty.Tinsdale@fdfscotland.org.uk or 07508 303 736.

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