Registered Nutritionist / Dietitian of the Year 2020

03 February 2021

Lauren Woodley – Nomad Foods

Lauren is Senior Nutrition Manager for Nomad Foods, responsible for nutrition expertise and leadership across all brands and markets. As Europe’s largest frozen food company, Nomad Foods have the purpose of serving the world with better food, and are committed to helping millions of consumers eat a little more goodness every day.


Lauren has evolved and driven the nutrition agenda forward in Nomad Foods, ensuring that health and nutrition are central to the company purpose and strategy. Her significant contribution to the transformation of nutrition throughout the business is recognised by colleagues throughout Europe, with key highlights including setting out and delivering a Roadmap to Nutrition Leadership for the business, creating a new Nutrition Manifesto of 8 commitments to empower positive choices by consumers, and championing Sustainable Nutrition across the business. She has applied her enthusiasm and expertise to shape the ambitions and initiatives of the company’s core categories, as well as delivering a broad programme of internal and external engagement and education.