LinkedIn campaign to promote the benefits of higher fibre options

04 May 2023

Daymer Ingredients has used their LinkedIn profile to highlight and spread awareness of the benefits of high fibre options. 


They have promoted and advertised the Action on Fibre initiative, the fibre February webinar and posted information on a new concept. The new concept post concentrated on popular products that don't typically contain high fibre to see if the fibre content could be enhanced. They publicised their high fibre tagliatelle which was additionally vegan and freeze thaw stable. Daymer wanted to promote how fibre can be 'hidden' within dishes already popular within our diets to demonstrate a solution towards bridging the gap in fibre intake. The engagement rate on our fibre posts was typically slightly above average.

In the future, in order to attract more engagement with posts throughout Fibre February, they would be keen to see collaboration and re-shares within the 'Action on Fibre' community. Concentrating on and highlighting the gap in fibre intake within Daymer’s social media has allowed them to bring attention to the fibre solutions they can offer whilst bringing attention to the wider issue. Consequently, enquiries regarding their fibre solutions has increased highlighting the impact and importance of raising awareness of the benefits of fibre and how it can be used.