Nestlé supporting employees to bridge the gap

04 May 2023

Workplace health and wellbeing is it at the forefront of Nestlé’s priorities. Nestlé UK strive to increase fibre awareness through supporting annual events including Healthy Eating Week and Fibre February.


Nestlé employees are provided with weekly infographics on Workplace (an online collaborative tool) aligned with external events, providing tips on healthier eating, recipes, and dietary guidelines. For example, supporting ‘Fibre February’ in 2022, the internal team of nutritionists provided employees with infographics based around fibre intake guidelines, simple swaps to increase fibre intake and recipes which contained a fibre.

As part of internal events for the Nestlé Marketing and brand teams, the Nutrition Team created informative resources and interactive games including a ‘Guess the Fibre?’ and ‘Guess the sugar?’ card game. This helped to build awareness and educate employees about the amount of fibre and sugar in different foods, and to encourage an increased fibre intake. Both games drew in high engagement and positive feedback was received, with the Nutrition Team being encouraged to present these at future events.

Educating employees and encouraging an increased fibre consumption is important at Nestlé and this will continue to be a priority in the future.