Promoting Kingsmill 50/50 and several new launches

04 May 2023

Kingsmill’s main activity for 2022 was the Kingsmill sponsorship of ITVs Family Fortunes reaching more than 15 million consumers across live TV, catch-up TV and YouTube. They dedicated the creative solely to Kingsmill 50/50, and although due to sponsorship regulations the specific product benefits could not be communicated, they were able to showcase 50/50 being enjoyed by the whole family in a number of different healthy meal occasions. 50/50 has also featured prominently in influencer campaigns during the Jubilee celebrations and through the summer, helping to embed the principle of making higher fibre diets more appealing, normal and easy for the population.


2022 marked the launch of several new products:

Kingsmill Bloomers, two new recipes both boasting a source of fibre. Kingsmill invested in Trade and consumer PR to drive awareness of the products and ran shopper marketing campaigns in both Asda and Tesco to highlight the products online and instore.

When Kingsmill 50/50 King of Toast launched in Asda, Kingsmill supported the new product during their “Breakfast Event” with in store bakers, dot com banners and search sponsorship to drive visibility at the physical and virtual shelf.