Quorn supporting annual events

04 May 2023

Quorn Nutrition, Quorn’s channel for health care professionals, published two new factsheets on fibre and gut health, during ‘Fibre February’: these were highlighted on our Quorn Nutrition social media channels along with details some of our other fibre initiatives for the month, including sharing our fibre meal planner with employees.


Quorn supported the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week in June, not only by acting as a gold sponsor but also by participating in Healthy Eating Week across all of four of our UK sites. Fibre was the first day’s focus and Quorn shared details of the importance of fibre, fibre requirements and sources and also pointed to some of the company’s research into better understanding the health effects of the fibre in Quorn mycoprotein with colleagues. Additionally, as part of Quorn’s sponsorship, the BNF developed a new factsheet on mycoprotein which highlighted its fibre content.

In conjunction with our sponsorship of the ‘Food Forever’ exhibition at Kew Gardens we partnered with Registered Dietitian, Tai Ibitoye, (@Taitalksnutrition) for a collaborative Instagram post about mycoprotein and its nutritional benefits, including its high-fibre content. This allowed us to reach a further audience about the importance the fibre content of mycoprotein.