Tate & Lyle’s engagement with employees on the benefits of high fibre diet

22 May 2023

In 2022 Tate & Lyle launched their Gut Health Hub on their website, with a host of content geared towards educating consumer on the benefits of increasing their fibre intake. The external comms team worked closely with the internal comms team to promote these articles on our internal channel, Yammer.


This year also saw them launch their Fibre Calculator with BNF – which they encouraged colleagues to use and get a better insight into how to close their fibre gap. Their Yammer article on the launched received nearly 200 views.

Further to this, the Tate & Lyle Nutrition team members educate regional colleagues on new developments in the fibre world, continually. They have produced several resources, as well as hosted a Lunch and Learn to further their understanding of basics of nutrition and fibres.