Bridging the fibre gap for all life stages

16 April 2024

Supporting the British Nutrition Foundation’s ‘Nutrition for Life’ programme to highlight the importance of nutrition throughout the lifespan.


Tate & Lyle collaborated with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) and participated in the "Nutrition for Life" programme to raise awareness of the positive health outcomes, with increased fibre consumption including gut health, metabolic health, and reduced risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. This collaboration served as a crucial platform for Tate & Lyle to emphasise the pivotal role of dietary fibre in promoting healthier lives from infancy to old age. During this event, Dr Kavita Karnik, Tate & Lyle’s Global Head of Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, discussed the importance of closing the ‘fibre gap’ across all age groups. She also emphasised the benefits of consuming a diet rich in various types of fibres, highlighting its many health advantages. The collaboration with BNF enabled Tate & Lyle to educate individuals on where to find fibre in their diets and stressed the practical approach of fibre formulation for crafting healthier food options. This dual approach aimed to enhance the understanding of the importance of fibre, contribute to improving healthy foods and take a substantial step towards bridging the existing fibre gap. Overall campaign highlights included 904,498 impressions, 424, 034 content views and 69,674 YouTube. views.