General Mills: Fibre One - 90 Calorie, High Fibre, 50% reduced sugar brownies

30 August 2023

In May 2023, Fibre One launched a new range of high fibre 90 calorie brownies with 50% less sugar than the market average. The new crispy chocolate or cookies & cream flavoured brownie brings around 6g of fibre* and 3g of sugar* in an individually portioned treat. With this new range, Fibre One is providing even more sugar-controlled choice for consumers, with the same great indulgent taste.


The product development has taken over 9 months for a core team involving five people to develop these two recipes that are both non HFSS. This included 100’s of product trials, and two plant trials to get to a successful result. Rebalancing ingredients and nutrients to limit sugar content whilst keeping the Fibre One great taste and texture, was a significant challenge which is now covered by innovation records.

* Dependant on flavour