General Mills: Nature Valley 30% reduced sugar cereal bars

30 August 2023

In May 2023, Nature Valley launched a new range of cereal bar with 30% less sugar than the market average. An individually wrapped crispy oat bar with circa 40% whole grain oats* packed with 2g of fibre* and less than 4g of sugar* per bar, flavoured with honey or cocoa.


The product development took 15 months for a core team involving seven people to develop these two recipes that are non HFSS. This included 100 product assessments, and two plant trials to get to the final unique recipe. It was a specific challenge to keep the fundamental texture of a crispy oat bar, whilst making sure the cereals would stick together, alongside decreasing the sugar content. With this new range Nature Valley is adding a new choice offering for its consumers.

Dependant on flavour