Premier Foods: Mr Kipling Deliciously Good slices

30 August 2023

Premier Foods is committed to offering consumers healthier choices and to addressing the demand for healthier treats and snacks. This launch represented a major milestone for the Group’s Enriching Life Plan which has a goal of more than doubling sales of healthier products by 2030 as part of supporting healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.


The whole Deliciously Good range represents years of work in reformulation but on the slices in particular, Premier Foods achieved reductions of more than 40% for sugar, 70% for saturates, and an increase of more than 800% for fibre compared to the standard Kipling slices. Each slice contributes only 99 kcal to consumers’ diets.

To deliver these products to market a significant amount of focused resource was invested over a period of five years. In cake, sugar and fat are highly functional and contribute significantly to products’ taste, texture, and shelf-life. When reducing these ingredients new functional ingredients like fibres or starches and new technologies are key to retaining these characteristics so there were significant challenges which required adjusting processes and recipes. However, the key objective was to deliver great tasting cake and consumer research delivered excellent product scores for their appearance, colour, flavour, aroma and texture.

The new Deliciously Good range has been promoted, both in store and online, alongside the core Mr Kipling range, offering informed choice to shoppers by showcasing the healthier alternative next to a product they already know and love. In addition, Mr Kipling Deliciously Good Angel Slices feature in the Mr Kipling TV advert, a significant marketing investment in the new, healthier range.

The learnings from this project have provided Premier Foods with invaluable insight as they continue to grow their healthier portfolio, providing consumers with choice but not compromise. The slices are exceedingly good, and surprisingly healthier.