Reformulation case study compilation

17 June 2024

Food and drink businesses have a real desire to offer a wider range of healthier products - but the associated costs can be challenging. With 95% of Scotland's food and drink manufacturers being SME size it is essential that they receive the support needed to reformulate, adapt to the evolving asks of industry, and remain competitive. This is why we have developed a range of funding opportunities, and continue to highlight the need for long-term funding commitments to make Scotland's products and people healthier.


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With thanks to Reformul8 Partners Scotland Food & Drink, Interface, and Food Standards Scotland, we have facilitated six funding opportunities, putting over £260,000 into industry to invest in health reformulation.

"I am proud to illustrate some of the fantastic case studies selected from over 60 food manufacturers who have engaged with the Reformulation for Health programme over the last 5 years. Through our externally funded work, we've seen all sectors of the food industry get involved including butchers, bakers and ready-meal makers. Projects have covered all aspects of reformulation from fat, salt, sugar and calorie reduction, to positive nutrition with fibre enrichment. These case studies will give you a flavour of the array of businesses that we support, and some of the amazing work taking place by food manufacturers across Scotland to improve the health of our products and people."

Joanne Burns

Reformulation for Health Manager

We now showcase a selection of case studies featuring reformulation projects funded through these six funds. Covering a range of product categories, nutrient considerations, and business pressures, these illustrate the notable effort being made by Scottish brands to improve the dietary health of the nation.