FDF's Ambition: Mid-term report 2020

24 February 2021

FDF’s Ambition 2025 – Shaping Sustainable Value Chains (A2025) was published in October 2016 to build on the success of our Five-Fold Environmental Ambition (FEA), as the next step on our journey to help deliver a more sustainable food system. We committed to undertake a mid-term review of Ambition 2025 in 2020 to ensure it reflects changes in the consumer, political, and regulatory landscape. Following a year-long consultation and development process, this report presents our revised ambitions, which will take effect from January 2021 for the purposes of activity and reporting.


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The Ambition is predominantly focused on environmental sustainability as this is where we as a sector believe we can make the biggest positive impact, with an emphasis on collaborative action. As such it comprises two key elements: Resource Efficiency and Green Growth, supported by wider FDF work on nutrition, social and economic issues. As a result of our review process, we have put an emphasis on engagement and collaboration with external stakeholders, agreed frameworks, and identified directions of travel. We also wish to highlight areas of influence and overlap between topics, such as the concept of a ‘sustainable, healthy diet’.