Maintaining the profit margin – an engineer’s perspective

11 October 2022

With ever increasing costs there is no better time to ensure that your assets are delivering what you want, when you want it in the most efficient way.

The profit margin is getting pinched at both ends at the moment, so understanding topics such as energy inefficiencies, equipment failure reduction, waste reduction, identifying value adding opportunities, reducing production bottlenecks can all help reduce the manufacturing costs and maintain the margins you need to meet business objectives.





Paul Wood, Senior Consultant, Finch Consulting

Paul is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of experience as a leader in heavy industry. Having worked in the steel and maritime sectors he has a broad range of experience which includes plant maintenance, asset management, project management, hazardous environments, budget control, people management and leading a group-wide SAP EAM implementation.

Paul’s key expertise lies in plant maintenance and asset management, having excelled in a range of related roles in this area. With experience in all areas of the asset lifecycle, from concept design through to installation and commissioning, maintenance and refurbishment activities, Paul can apply his wealth of knowledge to ensure the right asset performs in the right way. Responsibility for multi-million pound OPEX and CAPEX budgets has given Paul an excellent financial grounding and Paul is adept at working with executive leadership teams to ensure engineering solutions are aligned to the business requirements.

A professional yet approachable person, Paul is always happy to help understand a problem and to develop solutions to get things on track. Having led multi-disciplined engineering teams, he is able to adapt his approach to suit any situation.



Manufacturers, H&S managers, business owners, finance directors.

Subject Areas

  • Asset management
  • Meeting business objectives
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Maintenance of machinery
  • Improved financial performance


Maintaining the profit margin – an engineer’s perspective