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    Health and safety is a key issue for food and drink manufacturers as over a quarter of all manufacturing injuries occur in the food and drinks industries. The overall injury rate in food manufacturing (FDM) is higher than the average for manufacturing industries generally.

    The main causes of injury are:

    • manual handling
    • slips on wet or food contaminated floors
    • falls from height
    • workplace transport (including FLTs)
    • struck by something (eg sharp knives or falling objects)
    • food processing machinery and packaging machinery

    The main causes of fatal injury continue to be workplace transport (including FLTs), falls from height and machinery.

    The main causes of occupational ill health are:

    • musculoskeletal injuries
    • dermatitis
    • noise
    • occupational asthma
    • rhinitis
    • work related stress

    For further information relating to causes of injury in FDM please visit the HSE website.

    HSE Common Strategy

    FDF is a member of the Food and Drink Manufacture H&S Forum (FDMF) which launched the Common Strategy for improving health and safety in food and drink manufacturing industries 2016-2021.

    This forward-thinking Strategy provides a mechanism for the FDMF and its members (collectively and individually) to challenge and support the food and drink manufacturing sector in respect of improving safety standards further and to tackling the costs of work related ill-health. Participation in it also allows the FDMF and its members to be current by demonstrating their commitment to the wider national H&S system strategy Helping GB Work Well.

    Since the Common Strategy launch, the FDMF's Working Group has been productive e.g. in preparing an Action Plan and Key Performance Indicators for Strategy Objective 1 (control of slips and trips) and a Case Study Template to share/learn good practice.

    FDF's Role – Occupational Health and Safety

    • Review political and regulatory developments that concern workforce health and safety, which are of importance to FDF members.
    • Promote the work of the HSE and Common Strategy.
    • Represent members at the Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum. This enables FDF to work in conjunction with the HSE and IOSH on key projects and share best practice and information with a wider audience of businesses and organisations.
    • Run events to provide networking opportunities for members on health and safety issues giving them the opportunity to discuss current issues with like-minded professionals and to benefit from the expertise of our Professional Affiliate Members.
    • Publicise and support the Annual Food and Drink Health and Safety Awards.

    To get involved or suggest topics for future Health and Safety events, sign up for FDF Health and Safety alerts by amending your alerts in your FDF profile or register on our website here.

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    Last reviewed: 27 Aug 2020