Santander Special Recognition Award 2018

20 September 2018


Macphie is the UK's leading independent ingredients manufacturer, which has been producing premium quality food ingredients and solutions since 1928.


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The nation's obesity crisis is no secret and as a food producer Macphie is very aware of the part it can play in the nation's health. In the last 18 months, it has developed a product range with 30% less sugar, measured against its current standard products. Macphie knew it had to achieve this while keeping the same high quality of its product, the same great taste, and using 100% natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

The new range consists of two cake mixes – chocolate and vanilla – as well as the same two
flavours of frosting. The company prides itself on the end reduced sugar product being indistinguishable from its standard one, despite the reduction in its sugar content.

The reduced sugar range has provided an excellent case study to inform the public about Macphie's wider scientific achievements. It has been used in schools to show that a career in the food industry isn't limited to becoming a chef or baker, and that science plays an important part in developing new food products.

Macphie is now looking to roll the project out across more of its product range.