Graze launches new addition to their crunch range

04 May 2023

Graze took on the challenge to create a product that included chocolate, was HFSS compliant, high in fibre, and under 150 calories per portion. Find out how they got on.


Graze sought to create a new product for their Crunch range, which would be a sweet & salty offering. The key requirements were that it had to include an element of chocolate but also be HFSS compliant, high in fibre and under 150kcal per portion.

Graze took inspiration from a classic and well-loved flavour combination. They combined peanuts with chocolate and honey coated veg & beans which deliver a high fibre content. The product has been a hit with consumers since it launched in July 2022, winning a Product of the Year award in the On the Go snacks category.