Nestle Nature’s Heart extend the Crunch range

04 May 2023

In 2022, Nature’s Heart have launched six new, tasty, savoury snacks, the Crunch range. Nature’s Heart Crunch contains a variety of pulses, legumes, and seeds, and is available in some of the UK’s most loved flavours.


The range is HFSS compliant and each 50g single bag contains the equivalent of four tablespoons of vegetables, is high in fibre, high in protein and provides consumers with one of their five a day!

In line with Nestlé’s FDF Action on Fibre commitment, all products within the Crunch range are high in fibre containing between 15g-19.5g per 100g, and 7.5g-9.8g per serving. All the snacks contain a positive fibre message front of pack, which coincides with Nature’s Heart’s commitment to provide voluntary fibre nutrition labelling back of pack across their products.

Nature’s Heart have used the power of marketing and owned social media channels like Instagram, to emphasise the importance of consuming a fibre rich diet. This includes highlighting the recommended daily intake, sharing practical tips, easy swaps and offering recipes and meal suggestions to increase fibre intake. The aim is educate consumers and raise awareness of the importance of consuming adequate fibre, whilst keeping the conversation on fibre front of mind.