Schär's higher fibre reformulation efforts

22 May 2023

In 2021, Schär launched three varieties of their redeveloped Wholesome loaves (white, seeded and vitality). The aim was to improve their taste, texture and nutritional credentials, with specific reference to sugar, saturated fat, fibre and salt.


A successful pre-launch consumer taste panel confirmed that they had achieved their aims. Fibre was increased by an average of 11% across the 3 lines.

The Wholesome Vitality loaf now contains 9.5g fibre/100g, becoming Schars highest fibre loaf ever, with two slices providing over 20% of the 30g adult daily fibre requirement. All three products can legally bare the claim ‘high in fibre’ (also possible before the recipe redevelopment) and this claim is front-of-pack for all of the Wholesome loaves. The fibre credentials of these loaves were one of the primary features of the marketing campaign used to promote the product relaunch (see attached ‘superhero’ file).