Reformulation guide - Spotlight on sugars

01 August 2016

This guidance sets out regulatory considerations for sugars reduction, outlines available sugar replacers and factors affecting consumer acceptance of sugar replacers. The guide covers the different challenges and opportunities for sugars reduction in the three categories including available ingredients and labelling considerations.


Download (1464 kb)

At FDF, we know that producers of packaged food and drink can play a big role in helping their customers towards better overall diets. Government nutrition data shows that, on average, consumers are eating too much saturated fat, salt and free sugars and not enough fibre, fruit and vegetables, and some vitamins and minerals including iron and vitamin D.

In 2012, FDF developed guidance on salt reduction for SMEs in partnership with the British Retail Consortium and Leatherhead Food Research. Salt reduction is a success story for the British food and drink industry. Through voluntary reformulation we have helped lower salt intakes by 11% since 2005 and this work continues.

Today, sugars reduction is a major focus as consumers look increasingly closely at the sugars in their diets. This focus has been driven in part by a change to recommended sugars intakes by UK Government in 2015 following an evidence review by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition. FDF supports the view held by dietitians that people should take a whole-diet approach to healthier lifestyles, without undue focus on single nutrients. However, we recognise the industry’s role in helping customers to reduce sugar intakes.