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Briefing: Natural Capital and Biodiversity


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Managing 'Natural Capital' and providing 'Environmental and Biodiversity Net Gain' is rising in prominence in recognition of the increasing importance of the need to manage resources sustainably.

The Scottish Government is committed to investing in Scotland's natural capital to maintain a healthy and resilient economy. It is also a Core Ambition in the FDF's Ambition 2025: Shaping Sustainable Value Chains.

Many businesses are already looking carefully at many of their environmental impacts and seeking to improve their environmental performance.

But what do Natural Capital, Environmental and Environmental and Biodiversity Net Gain really mean? And how can businesses of all sizes benefit from integrating a Natural Capital Approach into their decision making?

This briefing will explain what Natural Capital and Environmental and Biodiversity Net Gain are and will introduce good practice in designing development projects to follow Biodiversity Net Gain Principles. There will be an update on Natural Capital - A Scottish National Performance indicator, DEFRA's new Biodiversity Metric, and emerging British Standards.

In addition to providing some case studies of how businesses have begun to apply natural capital and biodiversity to their business, assets and supply chain.

Organiser: Cat Hay, 0131 222 8020, cat.hay@fdfscotland.org.uk