SFDF Event

Reducing waste in food and drink manufacturing at Macphie


Reducing waste in food and drink manufacturing

Timings – 9am-1.30pm

Who should attend: Site managers, Operations Directors, Environmental managers, anyone who has responsibility for reducing waste within their process is very welcome! If you are looking to reduce waste from processes within your food or drink production with a focus on sensors and data read on….

Since the 1920s, Macphie has been making quality added-value ingredients for food manufacturers, bakers and chefs internationally. 

The day will start with meeting Shamus MacLean, site manager at Macphie Tannochside.

Shamus will lead a site walk-round with Resource Efficient Scotland consultants who will demonstrate the process of conducting a food and processing waste audit, key things to look out for and share some tools and checklists.

Leading academics will share their reasearch on ways to reduce waste through sensors and data monitoring.

Sandra Brown from Company Shop will set out how to maximise value from surplus, including the benefits to factory staff.

Simon McKeating, Zero Waste Scotland, will update the group about forthcoming legislation and government policies that will affect food manufacturers in Scotland and the support and funding available to food manufactures to tackle waste.

And finally, there will be a networking lunch with time to share ideas and highlight common challenges and tell us what you’d find useful for future events.


Organiser: Cat Hay, 0131 222 8020, cat.hay@fdfscotland.org.uk