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From Environmental Management to Sustainability training course


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Traditionally, environmental management for many organisations has focused heavily on operational aspects such as energy, waste, resources, legal compliance and pollution mitigation.

This half-day facilitated session initially helps organisations to see beyond operational matters and to identify strategic risks and opportunities related to environmental performance management.

Topics include

  • Challenging and redefining the existing business strategy
  • Identifying opportunities in the value chain
  • Understanding what environmental management best practice looks like and how to achieve it
  • Revision to ISO 14001:2015, specifically understanding the organisation and its context, as a lead into the broader concept of sustainability
  • Practical examples and case studies of what sustainability means in practice
  • Approaches to developing a sustainability strategy
  • Examples of sustainability reporting disclosures (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact
  • Reasons why increasing numbers of organisations are aligning their business strategies and stakeholder communications with the principles of sustainability

The course's focus is on recognising the role that environmental management and sustainability plays in supporting an organisation’s strategic business objectives; including cost savings, productivity/efficiency, maintaining existing business relationships, winning new clients, competitive advantage, and reputation in the market place. 


Who should attend?

  • Board members
  • Senior management
  • Departmental leaders throughout the organisational value chain
  • Environmental managers

Organiser: Reema Patel, 0207 4207208, reema.patel@fdf.org.uk