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Webinar: ABB Electrification in Food & Beverage - Service Solutions


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In the latest webinar from Professional Affiliate ABB, they will be looking at plant assessment for electrification systems.


In this webinar they will discuss the following:

- Safety

- Energy Efficiency & Energy Management

- Asset Performance & Optimization

- Digitalization


Why should you attend?

Please join if you want to increase awareness on service solutions. The webinar will be of interest to those maintaining critical supply assets during COVID-19, those responsible for service and maintenance  and anyone who is interested in energy management and asset supervision.



Lee Todd, Global Product Manager, Service Solutions for ABB's Electrification Business.  He has almost 14 years experience in electrical power and switchgear business executive expertise in providing consultancy for smart and sustainable solutions maximising client's value. 



Organiser: Fiona McNaught, 02074207208, Fiona.Mcnaught@fdf.org.uk